It’s cloudy, foggy, drizzling. The surroundings are gray and seem to merge into one.
Just add sun. And the surroundings sharpen, burst to life and gain depth.
Og svo kemur sólin//Just add sun is Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson’s second solo exhibition showcasing new artwork, now focusing on the interaction between sunlight and shadow.
At the exhibition he captures the aesthetics of our surroundings which are cut straight into the glass of the frame. Without sun or light there is nothing to see in the frame, similar to when it’s foggy, but when the skies clear a drawing shows up inside the frame. The artwork’s behavior varies based on the quantity of light in the room but fully bursts to life when sun hits the glass, as the drawings move within the frame in correlation to the sun’s path in the sky. 
The drawings are created from photographs Jón Helgi has captured around Iceland. The photos are transformed to digital line drawings which are then sent through a CNC machine which cuts the drawings into glass with a diamond cutter.
“I got the idea when I saw dust on a frame’s glass in my living room which created a shadow inside the frame. I decided to try to cut into glass and see if I’d get similar results. After numerous experiments with various types of glasses, background color and materials and their distance from the glass I got an outcome that created this fog-like result when it’s cloudy and a clear drawing when the sun comes out. The artwork’s subjects are therefore objects and shapes from our surroundings which appear, sharpen and gain depth when the sun comes out.” 
Artwork list
All artwork in the series is made in the limited edition of 3.
Numbered and signed on the back.
Tru Vue UltraVue® UV70 glass, in which the drawing is cut.
Oak frame with yellow painted frame spacers.
3D printed wall hangers.

40x30 cm

30x30 cm

Gamli Vsb
30x30 cm

30x40 cm

40x30 cm

30x40 cm

30x30 cm

30x40 cm

40x30 cm

40x30 cm

30x30 cm

30x40 cm

60x40 cm

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