Mikilvægar Ítranir - upgrade to the Icelandic dictionary.
The exhibition ‘Mikilvægar Ítranir’ or ‘Important iterations’ gathers words that from the end of Mars until the beginning of April of 2020 got in unusually heavy rotation in Iceland. Words that hadn’t been used a lot before the pandemic occurred and others that now have a totally different meaning. The exhibition showcases propositions for new and improved meanings of these words. Meanings that are better suited as descriptions for the times that are ahead. It is proposed that the Icelandic dictionary will be upgraded according to these works.
The artworks in the series ‘Mikilvægar Ítranir’ were created for an open call made by POSTPRENT, that called for art made during the pandemic.
‘Mikilvægar Ítranir’ is my first exhibition of printed artworks.
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