In 2013 I wanted to try to design furniture for Børk, a collaboration between me and my friend Þorleifur Gunnar, as I hadn’t really designed any furniture before. One of the ideas was this table.
The start of most of my designs is drawing forms in my sketchbook in 2D. When I find a form that I think is right (beautiful+interesting) I draw that form in my 3D software and try to transform that 2D shape into a 3D object.
To make things a bit more complicated I then design the object/product back into 2D, as it needs to come apart to be flatpack. A perfect example of this is the copper "Eldleiftur" - and so is this table.
I really like Japanese furniture making, traditions and methods and get inspired by their craftsmanship and the overall calmness that seems to surround their aesthetics. This is an inspiration to a lot of my designs, although it doesn’t necessarily show. I kind of feel like this table has some roots there. But sometimes it also just reminds me of some sort of an animal.
I never prototyped this - my designs often don’t get past the rendering phase - due to lack of funds. But soon?
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