I sometimes design stuff for no particular reason. This is an idea for a light pendant called Borg.
I like to design things that are asymmetrical. I like to be able to see new aspects of things based on where I stand in a room. It’s quite the challenge to make a product look good from all sides if its not symmetrical - but I usually approach product design projects like this. I think I’m able to produce more interesting forms using this method. You may disagree if you want.
Inspired by classic pendants such as the PH5, trying to design a glare-free light shade, I was thinking of the irregular outlines of mountain ranges and how they become mirrored when reflected in water.
I’m fascinated by snow, ice and bad weather in general and usually I’m a bit monochrome when it comes to choosing “colours”. So the concept of course evolved from mountains to icebergs - which are basically floating mountains. That’s where the name comes from. Borg - borgarísjaki (huge iceberg). Maybe I should call it Berg.
Someone pointed out to me that it kind of reminded him of Borgarleikhúsið (Reykjavík city theater).. which could just as well become the final concept for this when Borgarleikhúsið orders one billion Borg light pendants...
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