When Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán released their second album called “!” in 2013, we needed costumes for a photoshoot we were going to do with Hörður Sveinsson for the album.
As pineapples are something that have been a weird part of UMTBS for a very long time I thought it be perfect to make masks out of this delicious fruit. I carved the insides out with a spoon (it was strangely hard!) and fitted some foam tubes and a rubber band to it - turning the pineapples into some sort of sci-fi-sustainable-gas/pollution-masks.
Thankfully I made these the night before, as already the insides of them didn’t smell good during the photoshoot.
Someone suggested (maybe it was me) that we should play every gig with these masks on. The idea was turned down immediately. I would have needed to create new masks for every gig. And I was not really ready to change my role from being the guitar-player of the band to becoming a pineapple-mask-maker.
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