Børk is a design collective between me and Þorleifur Gunnar - and often more people. It’s basically an umbrella brand that we’ve used when we need a studio name, whether it’s just the two of us, or if if there are more designers involved. We just use it how we see fit - when it fits. Projects that have been launched under the Børk brand are for example the Krafla light shade when the Selected by Bility project was over (me and Þorleifur), a blanket line in association with 66north (Þorleifur, Siggi Odds, Hrefna Sig and Geir Ólafs) and Nostra Restaurant (me, Þorleifur, Magnús Hreggviðs, Jón Ingi, Iona Sjöfn, Tryggvi Gunnars and Geir Ólafs).

In 2013 I wanted to try to design furniture for Børk, as I hadn’t really designed any furniture before. One of the ideas was this table.

The start of most of my designs is drawing forms in my sketchbook in 2D. When I find a form that I think is right (beautiful+interesting) I draw that form in my 3D software and try to transform that 2D shape into a 3D object.
To make things a bit more complicated I then design the object/product back into 2D, as it needs to come apart to be flatpack. A perfect example of this is the copper light from post 3/30 (haglél/eldleiftur) - and so is this table.

I really like Japanese furniture making, traditions and methods and get inspired by their craftsmanship and the overall calmness that seems to surround their aesthetics. This is an inspiration to a lot of my designs, although it doesn’t necessarily show. I kind of feel like this table has some roots there. But sometimes it also just reminds me of some sort of an animal.

I never prototyped this - my designs often don’t get past the rendering phase - due to lack of funds.

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