In 2010 I made a cover art for a 7” vinyl record by Lada Sport called “Love is something I believe in”. 

Lada Sport’s drummer, Haraldur Leví, was recording an album for my old band Sing for me Sandra in his studio Orgelsmiðjan. He got word (maybe I told him?) that I was studying product design, which of course had to mean that I could design an album cover. Right? 
So I was asked (or allowed) to do it. Maybe I volunteered - I really can’t remember.

I had been a fan of Lada Sport for many years so I was really excited to do this project. And as an overall music enthusiast, designing album covers was something I reeeeeaaallly wanted to try out. So with no experience at all I took this project on.

The album had 2 tracks, “Love is something I believe in” and “What if heaven’s not for us”. The idea was that the album cover would have two fronts, and no back side - so neither of the songs would become the “main song” - like the conventional A and B sides of singles - it would only have A sides. That didn’t happen, can’t remember why, but “Love is something I believe in” was the winner.

These pics are from the creative process.

The final cover art is a heart being stitched together and I can’t for the life of me explain my thought process behind this 10 year old artwork. 
Love = Heart = Thread and a Needle? I’m not even going to try.

You’ll find the album on Spotify.

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