In 2014 I did a small project for Aurum jewellery brand. As they where travelling a lot abroad to exhibitions the idea was to design custom stands to showcase Aurum’s jewellery. It’s expensive to travel around with heavy stuff for exhibitions (especially from Iceland) - so - being me, we decided to make it out of paper. Cardboard to be exact.

I’ve worked a lot with paper - all types of it - and you can easily construct paper to be quite sturdy, using the right methods and forms (and type of paper). The top part of the stands is in the shape of a diamond (inspired by Aurum’s jewellery line), which is then extruded to three variations in height. The cardboard had a printed outer layer, so each stand came in a full-printed tone of grey. When you would arrange many stands together they would form a composition resembling columnar jointing. The stands work in endless arrangements, making them very modular as floor-dimensions in exhibition halls vary greatly.

Each stand is made out of 6 pieces, held together with heavy duty string (rope?) on the inside. They’re kind of hand-sown together. The only reason for this is that I wanted all sides to have the same visual assembly - all joints to look the same. The goal here was that you wouldn’t see that the stands were made out of paper. So if the stands would have been made out of only one part, the assembly would have resembled a standard cardboard box too much. To my best of knowledge the goal of disguising the underlying material was accomplished.

Maybe the most important part of the stands was that you could very easily fold them together to take them on the road - and reassemble them to arrange them in any new situation - in no time.

Unfortunately I never saw the final product with my own eyes because I moved to Sweden before the production was finished.

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