I wasn’t completely sure what to put here, 30 designs is quite a lot although I’m skipping more or less everything that’s very new. It’s hard to reflect on brand new stuff and realise how well time will treat it and the process behind it. I’m also skipping some smaller projects and then I’ve got sketches of a few things that either are simply not good or that I feel still need work before I show it. So - picking one project from this pile - I decided to share this one - which is still just an idea. An idea I like, although it’s far from being finished. I think I’m sharing it to put pressure on myself to actually finish it.

So this is a turntable - and has the working title Jófónfón hifi. 

Because of the Jónófón project (15/30) I have a lot of knowledge of how turntables work. So I’ve had this idea to create a proper turntable for quite some time, using this knowledge.

It kind of has form. At least a form/aesthetics direction. It’s going to be relatively small. Probably made from wood, while using a few metal details and a platter mat from cork. The idea is to then design an amplifier and speakers to accompany it.

I have already bought loads of spare parts to actually build it. I “just” need time so I can finish designing it.. and then prototyping it.. and then.. etc.

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