My good friend Birkir Blær, saxophone player in the Mánudjass group, asked me in 2016 to make an album cover for the group. 

We were exploring how we could represent Mánudjass, and the event Húrra, in the most logical sense. The angel with the horn (in pics 2-6) had been sort of a logo for the Mánudjass events, in one form or another, so it kind of made sense to go in that direction in the beginning. Not everybody was into it so we changed directions and started working with this photo taken of a guy at a Mánudjass concert. This photo is simply great. That guy - some American - had come to the Mánudjass concert one time and absolutely loved it. He is just SO happy and into it all that we just had to use the picture.

In pic 7 you can actually see how extremely happy that guy is. Personally I would have wanted to go with something in this direction for the main cover, to just show the expression in his face up close, but we ended up using the whole picture. I still planted it on the backside of the cover - kind of blurry.

If I remember correctly I begged Birkir to find the guy (lives somewhere in the US) to get his permission for using him on an album cover.. which I’m not sure he did. But, I know for a fact that he has received the album and loved it!

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