In the summer of 2012 me and snorrieldjarn were graduating from LHÍ and were asked to design a new café/bar called Háskólabarinn. It was supposed to be on the third floor in a building in Austurstræti, with views over Austurvöllur. I had previously hosted some extremely shady businesses. It was a typical budget project so we were going to try to change what was already there into something a bit less… well I wouldn’t have wanted to go in there with a UV light.

The funny thing about this café was that the only entrance to it was a one-way spiral staircase, used as a fire escape. For 3 floors in that spiral staircase you couldn’t easily meet anyone on the way without having to go back up or down.
It never got opened and we got paid in food from The Laundromat Café - which thankfully had a pretty good kitchen.

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