We at Genki Instruments have sometimes become distracted. Not sure what we are doing. Allowing our minds to wander off to design something else than we should be designing.
One of those wanders is when we were determined to create a synthesiser. Why? Why not.

It was supposed to be small. Like.. extremely small. Like micro-small. The reason why? Can’t remember.

I often seek inspiration to the designs of Dieter Rams. Dieter is a designer with aesthetics I can really relate to. Soft greyish colours and simple yet elegant forms. Simple but functional. This was my inspiration for this project - and will probably be my inspiration for similar projects to come.

I can’t remember what was supposed to be so special about this synth. We just wanted to create a synth. It was that simple. I think.
What I remember is that the Wave ring was supposed to be a part of this synth. So you could control the synthesiser with the ring in some way.
We made prototypes of a few of those designs during the years 2016-2017 but finally decided to leave the idea and focus on what was actually worth exploring: The Wave ring - without a really really small synthesiser. Because.. there are plenty of synthesiser, but only one Wave ring. One ring to rule them all.. and all that.

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